Thursday 26 April 2012

The Problem with Bus Lanes

Bus lanes do help buses move faster - that’s true. But they also cause a huge amount of congestion (and pollution) for everyone else using the roads. Bus passengers enjoy the use of the public highway - paid for out of public funds - but unlike car owners, pay no road tax, no insurance, no insurance tax, no fuel tax.
Bus lanes are empty for most of the time while the other lanes are permanently congested.
Keeping buses moving makes good sense, but some sort of compromise could significantly improve the flow of traffic for all road users. As an example, motorcycles have recently been allowed to use most bus lanes - with no ill effects whatsoever.

Minicab firm Addison Lee believes that its vehicles should also be allowed to use bus lanes. After all, minicabs carry passengers and keep London moving - just like black cabs. However, Transport for London has won a High Court injunction to keep them out of the bus lanes, forcing them to join the traffic jams - adding to the congestion and increasing the misery on London's roads.

Boris should really think again. Letting minicabs use bus lanes is a good idea. It would not slow buses down at all - but would certainly ease congestion for everyone else.

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