Wednesday 2 May 2012

There is only one choice for London

At election time, Lib Dems love nothing more than stuffing leaflets through doors telling voters that candidates from other parties ‘can’t win here’
The Mayoral election is of course a two-horse race. Lib Dems ‘can’t win here’ - but oddly this time they don’t mention it. Brian Paddick seems a nice enough chap, but he knows he is wasting his time. When interviewed on LBC radio, he hadn’t done his homework and didn’t even know how much his own policies would cost.
The Green candidate seems to have thrown in the towel and has suggested her supporters give their second choice vote to Ken. So, if you don’t want Ken, you can’t support the Greens either.
So, it’s a straight choice. It comes down to this:
Do Londoners want a Mayor who will speak up for London, keep costs down, cut waste, cut crime, invest in public transport and get the best possible deal from Number 10? Or do they want a dinosaur from a bygone age who has been shown time and again to break his own promises?
When he was Mayor, Ken Livingstone famously said “only a ghastly dehumanised moron would want to get rid of the Routemaster”. Then he got rid of them - and in so doing wrote his own epitaph.
Do we move forwards or backwards? The choice seems clear. Here’s wishing Boris good luck for May 3rd

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