Friday 25 May 2012

Independence for London? You must be bonkers!

The population of London is roughly the same as Scotland and Wales put together - yet Londoners have very little autonomy within the UK. Despite having an elected Mayor and Assembly, on matters of national policy London is still effectively ‘ruled by Westminster’. 
Should London break away from the UK? Would London be better off as a separate country? Should London have self-rule?
The idea of an Independent London is absurd - and only someone who was seriously bonkers would put this forward as a suggestion. The World is currently getting smaller by the day. The United Nations, European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank all play their part in eroding the sovereignty of the Independent State.
Whether we like it or not, the direction of flow is towards greater political and financial integration. The idea of an EU member splitting into even smaller parts to be ‘more independent’ makes no sense.
London on its own would have even less influence in Europe and the rest of the World than the UK as a whole. Going it alone would mean less independence, not more.
So why is it that Scotland with its tiny population is now seriously considering voting to leave the UK? It really boils down to the vanity and personal ambitions of Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party. 
Following years of Labour’s failure, the SNP has been very successful stirring up nationalistic feelings. Why should Scotland be ‘ruled’ by Westminster?
In reality, Scotland is NOT ruled by Westminster. Scotland has far greater independence than any other part of the UK. Scotland has its own Parliament, unlike London, despite the fact that London has a much larger population.
Even at Westminster, Scotland punches well above its weight. Scottish MPs vote on English affairs, but not vice-versa (the so called West Lothian question, conveniently ignored by the previous Scottish dominated Labour government).
There will be no referendum for London Independence. It has never been an issue.
As the Scottish referendum approaches and Alex Salmond pursues his personal vainglorious ambitions, let us hope that the wisdom of the Scottish people wins through.
The people of Scotland deserve a leader with vision, not delusions.

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